Win a Bike Race, Get an Apprenticeship… According to Aspect

Property Maintenance Company, Aspect, has thought up a new way to employ young people for apprenticeships: a bike race.
Of course. It makes perfect sense to compete in a bike race, run by a Boris Johnson impersonator (obviously), to get an apprenticeship, in order to get skills, to then, finally, (maybe) get an actual job. Why don’t all job vacancies have bike races as a means of screening candidates? Employment is all just a bit of lighthearted fun anyway, right? Well, this is the sentiment that Agency has portrayed.

As incredulous as this whole rigmarole sounds, this is the headline story I was greeted with as I scrolled through the news this afternoon. They have shown to us young people, the very thing feared, that whatever GCSE’s, A-Levels, degrees, skills or experience we may have to offer the company, mean absolutely squat to these lazy, exploitative employers at Agency. It is absolutely disgusting that this is the kind of employer that the young people who applied for this apprenticeship had to look up to. It has been drilled into us from day one at school to take our futures seriously and how exactly is that possible with a company such as this who have essentially set out to humiliate young people? With job prospects looking their bleakest each day, the last thing needed is for these supposed ‘professionals’ to show such overt and sickening immaturity.