I hate the word “blog”

Yeah. You heard me. I hate the word blog.

Are the blog police going to come and get me now? Am I going to be exiled from the world of blogging? NO PLEASE, I DIDN’T MEAN IT… NO…

No but really it’s just one of those things I can’t explain it. As a lover of the English language there are obviously words that stick out to me and then words that, I just frankly dislike. In the case of the humble word “blog” I may even go as far as to say I HATE the word. Yes. I hope blogs don’t take it personally though because you know surely my partaking in the activity of blogging denotes on the whole how I am willing to persevere through this accepted hatred in order to fulfill my love of writing through the medium of the blog? However, I am coming across a conundrum of sorts in that, when I blog, it is almost impossible avoid to saying that word. I mean it practically makes my skin crawl. There’s a bitter irony of sorts in this post that in the amount of time I have spent assessing my hatred of the word blog, I have ended up using it much more than I would have needed to in a somewhat more NORMAL post. Yep, the word colours this post beautifully. Oh well, such is the impossibility of life.

Please don’t tell the blog police on me. Thanks.