Miley Cyrus VMAS: Should we be so judging or should we show some sympathy?

Miley’s recent performance at the VMAS has been met with disgust, laughter and disbelief from the judging eyes of many. Prancing around onstage with an army of giant teddy bears, wearing a shiny corset that was ripped off to reveal (what appeared to be) rubber, flesh coloured underwear, were just a few of the highlights. However, what caught my eye the most was her continuous sticking her tongue out, which I can only say made her look akin to that of some kind of creature. Not only this, but her infamous ‘twerking’ made the stage so disturbingly reminiscent of some strange porno, that I myself worried for any young ‘Hannah Montana’ fans that might be watching. How has this ‘artist’ digressed so terrifically to the point where rubbing her crotch on stage is her pinnacle of fame? Should we be so judging of her or should we show some sympathy for a girl who could very well be edging herself into the realm of the crazy, unwell celebrities?

It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that Miley is trying her utmost to get rid of the once innocent and beloved image of the girl who played ‘Hannah Montana.’ The creepy teddy bears, the sticking out of her tongue and the crotch rubbing, scream this message pretty damn well. However, to me, all of this simply makes her seem all the more immature. When she was playing Hannah Montana she appeared to have a hell of a lot more self respect and was a more responsible role model to the young eyes that watched her show. It is this way of life that she has rebelled against and it does nothing but make her out to be immature and attention seeking. I feel sorry for the young people who look up this woman as a role model.

I know that she cannot live her whole life in the shadow of Hannah Montana, making sure she does nothing to tarnish the young eyes that look up to her. The media obviously has its own part to play in all of this and it isn’t entirely her own fault. However, the way I see it is that she knows very well that the paparazzi are falling over their feet to get images of her taking drugs or being sexually promiscuous in some way. She herself, cannot fail to see this (unless she is an absolute airhead). It is she herself who is feeding into this. She should be the one who takes control of the way she is perceived in society instead of making herself what appears to be laughing stock of the nation.

We’ll never really know her motives. Maybe she is just going through a phase or maybe she really is walking the path of the insane and desperate celebrities. Or, maybe she really does believe she did a great, yet outrageous performance. As much as I dislike what she has become and resent her for not taking some responsibility for the image she portrays, I cannot help but feel sorry for her also. Perhaps she is deluded enough to believe that the majority was laughing with her instead of at her. Perhaps she believes that the majority thinks she is attractive instead of desperate and embarrassing to herself. Perhaps she really does believe that being a ‘sex object’ really is all she has left to offer. Or, maybe she is just enjoying the attention. All I can say is that her performance was hard to watch and although we are all used to seeing over sexualised music videos and performances in our day and age, this was something else altogether.