First Blog

This website looks slightly more accessible than that thing called Tumblr. Maybe I’m not supposed to utter the T word on a fellow blogging website. I should probably be more careful in future. However, I really am finding this whole “blogging” thing extremely difficult, I feel like a complete technophobe as I am more used to a good old pen and paper for writing. However, Grandma has gotta move on with the times and this is why I’ve been brought here after hours of head scratching at Tumblr which I will never be paying visit to again. Starting up this blog has been a pretty hard thing for me to do and I’m still not sure about it, mostly because I just feel intimidated as to where to begin I guess but I know through experience that anything worth doing is not going to be easy. So yeah. I recognise that this PROBABLY will not be read. And that’s cool. I like having all my thoughts collected here for what will probably only be me seeing. I feel like i’m fifteen again writing in a diary.


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