I love love love using instagram. This is a photo I took last week when northern Ireland was experiencing actual NICE wait for it… SUNNY weather. Yes, it isn’t often that we hear the S word and there was no better feeling sitting in the park on the first official day of being liberated from the educational system temporarily and freed from A-levels forever knowing that I can now do whatever I want. It was both a daunting yet exciting feeling knowing that in actual fact I have nothing important to do in my life right now. No one is going to push me to do anything with my life any more no one can instil meaning into it for me. It’s literally up to me and only me to create meaning in my life and DECIDE what I want to do. I could literally sit around and do nothing for the rest of my life. It’s up to me. This exciting prospect and new era of my life I feel is perfectly summed up in this photo I took contemplating this issue. For me this photo represents excitement, inspiration and freedom. And although the sun is gone now, it really did more than brighten up my days last week. There was something healing about it and it felt like the whole country was united in the realisation that summer and freedom is finally here. So here’s to an exciting and fulfilled summer.


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